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Hey there! I'm Cassia.

I was that kid spending boucoup bucks (my parents') on developing roll after roll of film. We all rejoiced when digital photography entered the scene, though I continued my photography journey as a film/digital hybrid photographer in high school with a film class and soon was offered my first job as a part-time commercial photographer at 17 years old. My college studies to become a complete science nerd eventually drove me away from free time, and my camera collected dust on a shelf. After finishing my graduate degree, however, I had a big "WHAT AM I DOING??" moment. I missed the creative outlet and social interactions inspired by my camera. So, in 2015, I decided to jump back in (this time all digital). So far, it has been the most fun and rewarding time of my life, and I'm not looking back! Although I have been away from photography for the past year (being prescribed bedrest and then moving cross-country at the start of a pandemic kinda takes you out for a minute), I'm happy to be back East kicking it off with my camera!

Wanna know what inspires me?


I'm married to, and am raising two of the spunkiest girls with, my best friend, Austin. Among many other things, shopping for baby/kid clothes, my French Cafe music station while cooking awesome food from our garden, a good conversation over a cortado from my favorite local coffeeshop, and the great outdoors get me going. I'm a Tennessee girl, and am always thrilled by mountains, deserts, and the ocean. I am a follower of Jesus, and do everything I can to glorify him in my work, finding the beauty He created in people, love, and relationships. 

If you're planning to prioritize your photography, hike a little (or a lot) to get the BEST photos possible, dance (hard) in the middle of nowhere, and grab every moment of this happy season by the horns... WE WERE MADE TO WORK TOGETHER. Capturing emotion is my forte. From the dramatic editorial shots that wow to sweet candids that highlight special moments to chaotic snaps that seal the memory forever, I'll be all there with you, squealing at the greats and laughing along at the flops. So, say hello! Can't wait to hear from ya!



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